The task of online security companies is to ensure users’ safety. People spend a considerable amount of time online, both in business and private lives. As new threats appear nearly every month, you may see constant updates of the software. 

Therefore, a decision to get high-class cyber protection for your computer, mobile phone, and tablet would be a wise one.

Some users tend to believe that a durable antivirus program costs very much. First and foremost, there is no need for fast conclusions. The technological markets provide you with a rich choice of the most different products. Make a decision regarding the arsenal of the features you need for sure and narrow down your searches to antiviruses that present these characteristics.

Top 5 Antiviruses

If it is your first time when you are choosing the software for protection, it might be hard for you to make a decision. The problem is that there are many products, as well as criteria that define a powerful antivirus. Some may need a simple protective program for home; others require a durable defensive system for the entire office. 

First things first, think about the significant purpose you are pursuing. Do you need software exclusively for your computer or smartphones? Should an antivirus protect your device from all kinds of threats? What is your maximum budget? Create a list of your demands regarding the program.

However, if you know what you need, are not aware of the top brands, the following article would help you make up your mind. Below, we offer several most powerful antiviruses for you. These are  Please find out about their pros and cons to pick your favorite Total AV, McAfee, Norton, PC Matic, and Avast.

Total AV

Many users worldwide and experts have already made sure that Total AV is one of the leaders in terms of cyber protection. The brand proves to be highly competitive despite a large number of similar software. Thanks to a perfect quality-price balance, Total AV is now one of the most wanted antiviruses on the market because of powerful detection capabilities.

The software is appropriate for both PCs and mobile phones; moreover, it will protect up to 6 devices in general if you wish. Here is the list of several features that will make you want this antivirus:

  • Real-time check of the apps and folders.
  • Anti-malware against digital threats.
  • Adware cleaner and spyware remover tools.
  • Remote firewall.
  • Anti-phishing tool for the protection of a user’s browser activity.
  • Excellent customer support service.
  • Compatible with popular operating systems.

Besides, you can apply a feature named Parental Control if you use Total AV for home computers. At the same time, it is not fair to omit one disadvantage of this antivirus. Keep in mind that Total AV will provide you with almost 100% protection against such threats as malware. as this program demonstrates excellent performance under independent tests.


While searching for suitable software that will protect your computer from different harmful threats, pay heed to McAfee. You would appreciate an acceptable price and a rich set of features it offers. The software has been familiar to users since 1987! Throughout the years, the company has been continuously improving the choice of tools and their functionality. Notably, it offers such functions as parental controls, email and internet protection mechanisms, and addition to optimization processes.

At your choice, different packages would fit your needs precisely. Also, McAfee offers a generous discount for the new users: $75 and %100. You may learn about the details with the help of a Customer support manager. Such companies as Acer, Lenovo, Dell produce computers with an embedded McAfee program. So, what are the significant features of McAfee you should consider:

  • Full-featured protection.
  • Virus removal is equal to 100%.
  • Money-back guarantee within 30 days.
  • It has a simple interface; it is easy to navigate.

As for the cons, these are the following:

  • Some claim the software uses a lot of system resources.
  • The price is still high; there are cheaper alternatives.


Norton software suggests a price that is likely to meet your financial opportunities and a feature suite that can surprise you with its variety. Still, if you are looking for software with super-advanced tools, perhaps, you need to check Norton antivirus reviews first. However, it has been a leader of numerous malware detection ratings for a reason.

Some of the key features of the program include:

  • Reasonable costs and incredible discounts.
  • Powerful software against online threats.
  • Protection against theft of identity.
  • Firewall security.
  • Parental control option.

As for the disadvantages, these are the following:

  • Norton compromises on detection rates if compared to giants of the industry.
  • Unlike many top-notch companies, it is rather basic and limited in options.

Norton is also relatively simple in usage; therefore, it might be the right choice if you want to get your first antivirus. 

PC Matic

Pc Matic deserves your attention for several reasons. First, it can effectively protect your device. Secondly, it also offers lots of other handy features that will boost the performance of your computer. This software differs from the rest on the list, as it covers diverse aspects that affect a PC’s functionality and applies a unique approach.

Here are some of the features you are going to like:

  • Whitelisting option to protect from online malware attacks.
  • Comparatively low price.
  • Offers useful optimization tools.
  • Available for Android.
  • PC Matic has a lifetime subscription.

As there is nothing perfect in the world, here are some negative moments of the software:

  • We could not find the results of the tests by third parties.
  • The program may block not only dangerous but also harmless apps or programs.

Finally, it is worth mentioning that many people prefer this antivirus to any new one, as you can use this software for outdated equipment and mobile phones

At the same time, an older generation might find the PC Matic program’s interface and navigation peculiarities a little complicated. Nonetheless, this should not terrify you, the software is excellent, and you would love it as soon as you learn to use it.


Who does not know about Avast antivirus? Perhaps, it was your first security software. No wonder, Avast is a quality product with an affordable price list. Besides, four years ago, the company has presented an advanced version of the antivirus database – AVG antivirus. The software offers several efficient tools against online threats, such as a malware remover and a scanner of your home network.

Besides, there are some Internet safety features, game mode, and customer support. In addition to the mentioned pluses, you would appreciate the free version’s availability — good news for those of you who want to test the software before paying for it. There is no parental control option for the product’s downfalls, and the scanning process is slow.

Free Malware, Spyware, and Adware Protection    

Some people tend to perceive antivirus as an additional option. The truth is that it is a must for every person to make sure that they have good enough software to protect a computer. Considering that the functionality of different organizations and governmental institutions strongly depends on cybersecurity, it is time for you to have a closer look at the issue.

What do we call malware, spyware, and does everybody need adware protection? The first thing you should realize is that choosing your new antivirus makes it better to pick the one that protects from all current threats. The reason for this is simple: hackers process new programs, ransomware, and botnets to crack your system. Besides, note that free versions of the security systems seldom have malware or adware protection. Thus, read the description of the package attentively.

Adware, malware, and ransomware protection are equally critical for the devices. The point is that diverse types of threats can damage different parts of the system; imagine that you have an antivirus against Trojans only. Then, what will you do after you open a phishing website? It would be best if you think critically and in advance.

It does not matter whether you work in the office or at home; your devices require top security. Today, most of us prefer to keep sensitive data online. It is not hard to imagine how identity theft can ruin your life.

Free Antivirus vs. Paid Antivirus

Not all the brands provide users with free versions of their software for an apparent reason: money. You can still find famous companies with a 30-day guarantee; it allows you to receive your money back if the quality of a product or service is low. If you decide to try out the offer, it might be easier for you to make the right purchase eventually.

The trouble with free antiviruses is that they do not give you the whole spectrum of safety features and instruments. In other words, you receive sufficient yet limited protection. Perhaps, it is suitable for those who do not spend much time online. Nevertheless, you need to continue the search if all your work and daily life depend on technology. Notably, a paid antivirus often reacts to a new threat in real-time, unlike a software’s free variant.

Independent Antivirus Lab Test Results

The results of the independent labs help people to see the full image of the antivirus. Thus, you can analyze and compare the information between two brands with the showings, for instance. You can see the reports from such independent tests every year. The specialists spend days testing the antiviruses and trying out their detection rate, speed, and scanning opportunities. There are four respected labs you should keep in mind. These are AV-Test, AV-Comparatives, SE Labs, and also MRG-Effitas.

Thanks to the lab assistants, the companies may either receive a detailed report that would exalt its high results or point out the major pitfalls. In either way, it is good to be tested so that you could know what you need to improve or change. Most labs test only paid versions of the software. However, this variant of a program is usually the same program, only more advanced and stuffed with extra features.

Before creating your list of favorite brands, consider which ones have been tested recently. You can try to count on reviews of users exclusively, but it is not an option as these are subjective opinions of non-professionals. Lab examination is vital for the reputation of an antivirus program. Make sure to choose a software that corresponds to the highest industry standards set by the independent laboratories and users’ demand.

Useful Features    

The critical task of an average antivirus program is to scan your entire system and the files you are going to open, launch, or download. The scanning procedure allows you to ensure that no malware or harmful Trojan can sneak into your computer. Some antiviruses offer you to schedule every scan session, while others ask you to launch it when it is time.

After your scheduled cleaning is over, you will see whether you need to block this or that program, app, or file. 

Some antiviruses also have different options – extensions – that prevents you from visiting a very convenient and potentially harmful website or links! Other security software has behavior-based detection: it is helpful yet, can detect both malicious programs and legitimate ones if you do not use the feature correctly.

Bottom Line

Summing up all the information we have, it is still not that easy to name one best security software. The point is that different users need an antivirus for a specific purpose, which defines a set of obligatory features. Having an image of what you are looking for, you can decide whether you need a simple Norton or a more complicated PC Matic, practical Avast, or powerful Total AV and McAfee. 

Remember that spending some time reading the reviews and lab reports can serve you right eventually. The choice would ground considerably on the lab tests’ results, customer reviews, and the most acceptable price. It is what we considered when making the list above.

A reliable and durable security program might be rather expensive, yet there is no need to spend all your money on it. The article provides you with five high-end antivirus programs; thus, you will find something for yourself for sure.